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Archive for June 2018

Patterned Cork Tiles

Some of our tiles are patterned veneers and come in 300x300x5mm. Many of these are pre-coated and only require one coat of Polyurethane once installed. Belly                                                           GN…

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Sheet and Roll Cork

We stock and provide Acoustic Cork in sheets and rolls which is used as a natural insulator under other types of flooring, i.e. ceramic tiles, carpets and vinyl flooring to provide added warmth and quietness to rooms and between floors in apartment buildings. These sheets and rolls are also used for Notice Boards and wall…

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Advantages of using Cork Tiles for Floors

Cork tiles have moved on from just plain cork, and are available in patterns, different sizes and in colours which can be customised to match any room décor. Cork is warm, soft and quiet, a natural insulator which is environmentally friendly and an advantage in any home, including wet areas, i.e. bathrooms.

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Portugal Cork