Cork Colours

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Coloured Cork

Cork is available in many different colours, from natural tones and patterns, to a wide variety of colours of your choice. A selection of coloured cork is shown below, if you would like to view our veneer pattened cork please click here

Coloured Cork can be square tiles, oblongs and thin planks.
Our available sizes are: 
305mm x 305mm x 6mm
610mm x 305mm x 6mm
900mm x 150mm x 6mm

You are only limited by your imagination. For instance tiles can be made into a checker pattern by using two or more colours together. You can also use thin planks to create interesting borders. 

Coloured cork can only be purchased as part of a package, we are unable to supply the tiles on their own as our Portco Polyurethane has been specially formulated for our coloured tiles.

The minimum quantity for any colour cork order is 6m2. 

Custom colour are available on request, but please note there is a charge for custom colour samples.

Please Note: Colours shown are indicative only of some of the colours available, a computer monitor cannot accurately represent a paint colour. 

Please remember colours shown are indicative only, a computer monitor cannot accurately represent a paint colour, and colours may look different on different cork tiles, as they are a natural product, every batch of tiles can differ.