Cork Design Ideas

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With all the colours and patterns to choose from in our eco friendly cork
tile range, you can create an environment that will reflect your
personality! Bring us your colour swatches and we can help you achieve a
stunning cork tile design that will last a lifetime.

portugal cork-design ideas-the natural look


Cork is the perfect flooring material for the home . Cork with its natural honey tones and unique designs gives a home a warm and welcoming feel. The same cork can be used in the entire home making the floor a focal point. All cork has a natural design to it, because it comes from the outer bark of a cork tree so each cork tile is unique unto itself

portugal cork-design ideas-peaceful luxury


When a room in the house needs to be a place of peace and quiet, cork tiles are the perfect flooring for that room. Ideal in your home and commercial applications, for example your local Library could be using cork on the floor because of its ability to absorb sound. Plus they are soft and warm to walk on.



Cork tiles are available in many different colours from the natural tones and patterns, to a wide variety of colours of your choice.   ( Refer to our colour page for examples of coloured cork tiles) Cork is available in square tiles, plus oblongs and thin planks which can all be coloured to create interesting  patterns and designs. For instance tiles can be be made into a checker pattern by using two or more colours, or you can insert triangles of a different colour or any other pattern that you may like to create.  You’re only limited by your imagination.

portugal cork-design ideas-more ideas


So, you’ve decided to change your flooring and chosen the multi-functional eco friendly cork tile flooring. However here comes the second biggest decision when changing your flooring: what do you want it to look like?
We all have different tastes for different personalities and décor. For example, in a kitchen you might want a bright colour or for a bathroom floor something more in the lighter tonings with contrasting trim. Or maybe the warm natural tonings of natural cork framed with a coloured cork edging.