Cork Patterns

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Portugal Cork imports high quality natural patterned tiles from Portugal which allow for the natural warm colours of cork to be enhanced with different patterns that create texture and style. 


Some of the tiles are veneers and come in 300x300x5mm and some are 305x305x6mm. Also some of the tiles are “massive” (which means that the pattern goes right through the tile).


Some of the veneer patterns are pre-coated with 3 coats of polyurethane applied, and they only require one coat of our polyurethane once laid on the floor. We also have pre-coated plain tiles that only require one final coat as well, once they are laid.


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Veneer SK-19

Veneer - GN-P 800

Veneer - Nazare

Veneer - GN-P 1000

Veneer - GN-P 900

Massive - PK 209 / GN 210

Veneer GN 40P