Cork Products

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Traditional Cork Floor Tile / Massive Raw (Uncoated) Cork

These plain cork tiles have a natural pattern which runs through them (meaning they look the same on top and underneath). Some of these tiles come already bevelled, others don’t but can be bevelled on request. They come uncoated which means they can be sanded.

GN210 Plain Cork Tiles
305mm x 305mm x 6mm – comes unbevelled (but can be bevelled)
610mm x 305mm x 6mm – comes bevelled
600mm x 600mm x 6mm – comes bevelled
900mm x 150mm x 6mm – comes unbevelled (but can be bevelled)

All GN210 Plan Cork Tiles can be coloured with the exception of the 600mm x 600mm tile. Our standard colours can be viewed here

GN220 Blondie
305mm x 305mm x 6mm – comes unbevelled (but can be bevelled)

GNM100 Chunky Dark
305mm x 305mm x 5mm – comes unbevelled (but can be bevelled)

Ezicork – One Day Lay & Finish Floor Tile / Massive Cork

These are our GN210 tiles (see above) but they come pre-coated with two coats of polyurethane and are pre-sanded ready to be laid. Once laid, only one final coat of polyurethane is required. These tiles cannot be sanded.

GNEZI Ezicork Tiles
305mm x 305mm x 6mm – available bevelled and unbevelled

Veneer Patterned Cork Floor Tile

These tiles have a veneer “pattern” on the surface of the tile. This gives the flexibility of more decorative options. Some veneer tiles come prefinished which means they only require one final coat of Polyurethane, and others don’t come prefinished meaning they require three coats of Polyurethane once laid. These tiles cannot be sanded as it would remove the veneer layer on top, and the prefinished tiles cannot be bevelled.

GNP800UF (Unfinished)
300mm x 300mm x 5mm – can be bevelled or unbevelled

GN40P Prefinished
300mm x 300mm x 5mm – comes unbevelled

GNP800 Prefinished
300mm x 300mm x 5mm – comes unbevelled
600mm x 300mm x 5mm – comes unbevelled

GNP900 Prefinished
300mm x 300mm x 5mm – comes unbevelled
305mm x 305mm x 6mm – comes unbevelled

GNP900UF (Unfinished)
600mm x 300mm x 6mm – comes unbevelled

GNP1000 Prefinished
300mm x 300mm x 5mm – comes unbevelled

Cork Packages

Cork tiles purchased in a package come pre-glued, we also supply you with primer and adhesive for the floor, as well as enough Portco Polyurethane for three coats (except prefinished tiles which come with enough Polyurethane for one final coat). The minimum order for a cork package is 6m².  Our standard finish is Gloss, with Satin and Matt also available at an extra cost. Most of our cork tiles can also be purchased on their own, and not part of a package.

Coloured Cork

Coloured cork can only be purchased as part of a package, we are unable to supply the tiles on their own as our Portco Polyurethane has been specially formulated for our coloured tiles. To view our standard colours click here. Custom colour are available on request, but please note there is a charge for custom colour samples.

Cork Wall Tiles

These wall tiles are a little different to our floor tiles in that they are sold in packs instead of by the square metre (each pack contains 1.98m²). They have a veneer top layer. Unlike floor tiles which have to be sealed with Polyurethane, these wall tiles simply have to be stuck to the wall. The tiles come fine sanded and finished with a wax top coating.

600mm x 300mm x 3mm – Dark

600mm x 300mm x 3mm – Light

Cork Sheets and Rolls / Acoustic Underlay

Cork sheets are a great underlay option as they are a non-toxic and natural product. They offer unparalleled acoustic, thermal and vibration insulation qualities. They can be used under ceramic tiles, engineered wood floors, laminates, carpets and vinyl flooring to provide added warmth and quietness to rooms and between floors in apartment buildings.

Our 6mm thick cork can also be used for corkboards. We recommend applying Portco Trade Contact Adhesive to both surfaces for maximum results.

If you use roll cork for a pinboard please be aware that the ends of the cut will have a slight roll and will need to be flattened out first before sticking onto the wall.

Cork Sheets
915mm x 610mm x 3mm      $13.32 (carton of 100)
915mm x 610mm x 6mm      $25.36 (carton of 50)

Please note the above prices exclude GST.
If you would like to purchase small quantities of cork sheets or rolls you can do so here.
For larger quantities please get in touch with us.

Cork Rolls 
1000mm x 6mm x 25 lineal metres
A full roll will give you 25m².