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Why Cork?

Cork can be installed in any room in your home


Cork is a sustainable and renewable natural energy resource, and is considered one of the most environmentally friendly types of flooring today. The impact of using cork flooring on the environment is low due to the fact that nearly zero waste is produced during the manufacturing process.

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Cork for healthy living


Waterproof when coated


Maximum noise reduction


Natural insulator





Allergy resistant


Ideal for every room


Many colours & patterns


Easy to clean & maintain

Cork, as a natural product, warms and enriches any interior.

With over 40 million “cushion cells” per cubic centimeter, cork is a

natural sound and thermal insulator. Cork floors are beautifully quiet

and comfortable underfoot, warm and pleasant to the touch.

properties of cork


The bark of the Cork Oak Tree has a unique honeycomb structure composed of tiny cells filled entirely with air. The properties of cork derive naturally from the structure and chemical composition of the extremely strong, flexible membranes that are waterproof and airtight.

It should be remembered that each cubic centimeter of cork’s structure contains between 30 and 40 million cells. Because about 89% of the tissue consists of gaseous matter, the density of cork is extremely low, the order of 0.12 to 0.20.

caring for cork


  • Use a light dust mop on your floors, such as a Micro fibre mop. It is important to clean your floors with a dry mop or cloth. A damp mop will work if properly wrung out. For best results we recommend Finacare cleaner for your Cork floors.


  • Use caution when moving furniture. Remember to lift the furniture and not drag it.


  • Use pads under the legs of furniture so as to prevent scuffs.


  • Place mats at the entrances of your home. Grit can be damaging to Cork floors.


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