• After the final coat of polyurethane has been applied, wait at least 8 hours before walking on the floor, only with socks or soft shoes – i.e. light traffic.

• Do not shift furniture onto the newly installed floor until at least 72 hours have elapsed and make sure all furniture legs have protective pads underneath. Pay particular attention to stools that have metal legs as these can have the same effect as walking on the floor with stiletto heels, i.e. marking, denting. Never drag furniture or appliances across a cork floor.

• To keep your cork floor clean, use either our Finacare product, specially formulated to clean cork floors, or use just a few drops of dishwashing detergent in warm water. Do not use excess water, just a damp application.

• Never use a steam mop or commercial/abrasive floor cleaners, as these can scratch the surface.

• Always use a mat outside the entry door, and possibly inside, as this will remove grit, stones and dirt from shoes, which can also damage the floor.

If you look after your cork floor properly it can last a lifetime